QuickBooks allows you to customize various reports that help you in check where your business stands today. This article will provide you the steps to customize item reports in QuickBooks. You can always contact Intuit QuickBooks Support if you have any kind of query regarding customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

Customize Item Reports In QuickBooks Desktop

The articles in this series help you:

The available sections and filters are different for every report or group because each of them takes info. You need to understand the concept of source and target which is very important while customizing reports.

P.O. Report That Includes Items And Item Descriptions

Note: QuickBooks Premier/Enterprise 13 and later versions shows Item and item description in Open Purchase Orders Detail report.

If you are QuickBooks Pro or Mac user then you can open a Transaction Detail report.

  • From the main menu, go to Reports > Custom Reports > Transaction Detail
  • Select Customize Report and from the Display tab, click on Item and Item Description in the Column section.
  • Go to the Filters tab, select the following filters:
    • Transaction Type = Purchase Order
    • Posting Status = Either
    • Received = No for open Purchase Orders
    • Received = Yes for closed Purchase Orders.

If you are using QuickBooks for Mac then you have to click on Filters icon or unmark a filter to add or remove it.

Inventory Items Used In Assemblies To Be Ordered From Vendors

In this report, the inventory items are displayed. These inventory items are the one that make up assemblies. It allows you to view those inventory that are required to be ordered from a vendor.

  • Use inventory assemble to create a sales order
  • Create a pending build for this assembly.
  • Navigate to the Reports > Inventory > Inventory Stock Status by Item
  • Review the For Assemblies column to check inventory items that are on the pending build.

Note: You can enter Purchase orders for any inventory part in the For Assemblies columns.

  • You have to go to the Reports > Inventory > Pending Builds once you receive the items and the assemblies are ready to build.
  • Double-tap on a pending assembly which is ready to be built.
  • Select Remove Pending Status and then click on Build & Close.
  • You can now create an invoice from the sales order for the built assembly.

Items Used In Build Assemblies

  • Go to Reports > Custom Reports > Summary
  • From the Display tab, provide a date range to the period you want.
  • Select the Customize Report
  • Click on Item Detail from the Display rows by drop-down..
  • Select Quantity from the Display columns for (You may have to choose Amount if dollar amount is needed)
  • From the Filters tab:
    • Delete the Account
    • Add Transaction Type and then click on Build Assembly
    • Add Detail Level and then click on All except summary
  • Select Memorize option to save the report.

You have some additional options as well:

  • Set the Posting Status filter Either to add pending bills
  • Set Display Columns by to Month to show data by month.
  • Set Item filter to Multiple items and choose your desired items.

Item Estimates Vs Actuals

This report tells you the summary about the accuracy of the cost estimated by your company and the revenues generated from the item you sell. This report makes a comparison between (a). Estimated cost and actual cost & (b). Estimated revenue and actual revenue.

  • The estimated cost and actual cost are compared by the Cost and Act. Cost columns for each item.
  • The estimated revenue and actual revenue are compared by the Revenue and Act. Revenue columns for each item.
  • The () Diff columns tells you the gap between the estimated and actual amounts. If the amount is negative then it means that the estimate was too high; and positive amount refers that the estimate was too low.

Double click on the amount to see a list of transactions that make up an amount.

Follow The Steps Carefully or Contact Or ProAdvisors

Contact Us For Support

Hopefully, the provided steps were helpful for you and you are now able to customize item reports in QuickBooks. However, you may face some issues while customizing your reports if they are not properly created earlier. In such scenarios, you will have to contact the technical support department of getsupportnumber.com. For this, you just have to dial our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-567-0425 and you will be directly connected to one of our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

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Customize Item Reports In QuickBooks Desktop

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