If you are looking to set up your QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode then it is important that you should have a Windows user with Administration rights. Setting up QuickBooks in multi-user mode not possible until you have Windows admin rights.

This article will help you to learn how to add, edit or create a Windows user with Administrator rights in the different versions of Windows. This article will also provide you the process to provide Administrator rights to a QuickBooks Desktop database system if require. You can call our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 to get additional information about setting up QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode.

Steps To Add Or Create A Windows User With Administrator Rights

Windows 10

  • Click on the Start menu and go to
  • Go to the Accounts section and then choose Family & other users.
  • Choose Add someone else on this PC from the Other Users
  • From the bottom of the page, click on I don’t have this person’s sign in information.
  • Enter the name of the account and set a password.
  • Click on Finish. The newly created user will be set as a Standard User.
  • You have to provide administrator rights by following the below-mentioned steps:
    • Select the account you have just created then click on Account Type..
    • From the drop-down list, select Administrator.
    • Click on OK to save changes

Windows 8.1

  • Open the Control Panel from the start menu.
  • Go to User Accounts > Manage Another Account > Add a new user in PC settings.
  • Click on Add an account > Manage Another Account.
  • Now, click on Add a new user in PC.
  • Click on Add an account and then select Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended).
  • Provide Administrator rights to the newly created user by the following steps:
    • Select the account that you have created and then click on Edit.
    • From the drop-down list, select Administrator and then click on OK.

Note: The new user can be seen in the Manage Accounts screen until your restart your system.

Windows 8 and 7

  • Open the Run Command by pressing Windows + R
  • Type Control Panel in the search box and hit enter.
  • Navigate to User Accounts > Manage Another Account > Create a new account.
  • Enter the username, then choose Administrator > Create.

Windows Servers

Windows Server 2012

  • Press Windows + R keys to open the Run Command.
  • Type ServerManager in the search field and then click on OK or hit enter.
  • Go to Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and groups > Groups.
  • Double-tap on the Administrators Group for opening the Admin properties.
  • Click on Add.
  • Provide the account name and then click in OK.

Windows Small Business Server 2011 and 2008 R2

  • Click on the Start menu and then go to All Programs > Windows Small Business Server > Windows SBS Console.
  • Click on Users and Groups and then go to the Add a new user account
  • Provide all the required information and follow the prompts provided in the Add a New User Account
  • Click on Finish.

Provide Administrator Rights To QuickBooks Desktop Database System User

To set up QuickBooks for multi-user mode, you have to allow access to the company files and for that QuickBooks Database requires Administrator rights as well. This section of the article will help you to provide administrator rights to QuickBooks Database System User.

Important: You are not allowed to perform these solution steps on Windows Server which also a Domain Controller. If the QuickBooks software is hosted on a Domain Controller then it should have a qualified Microsoft IT professional add the QuickBooks database system user as a Domain Administrator.
  • Close QuickBooks and its related processes and then open the User Accounts from the Control Panel.
    • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and Server 2012
      • Go to the Start menu, type User Accounts and hit enter.
      • Click on Manage another account.
    • Windows 7
      • Open the Run Command by pressing the Windows + R
      • Type Control Panel in the search box and hit enter.
      • Go to User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Manage another account.
    • Double-tap on the QBDataServiceUserXX for your QuickBooks Desktop version.
QuickBooks Desktop 2018 QBDataServiceUser28
QuickBooks Desktop 2017 QBDataServiceUser27
QuickBooks Desktop 2016 QBDataServiceUser26
  • Click on Change the account type > Administrator > Change Account Type.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Multi-User Mode

Hopefully, you find this article helpful and you are now able to set up multi-user mode in QuickBooks. However, there can be some situations when you can face various issues and errors while setting up QuickBooks in multi-user mode. In such cases, you can get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 and get your issues resolved instantly.


Add, Edit Or Create Windows Users With Administrator Rights For QuickBooks Desktop

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