Do you use the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 version? If yes, it allows you to create data level permissions within the software. You can easily set a variety of data level permissions for a  user’s job role. When you create data level permissions in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you have the option to provide access to a specific part of QuickBooks that a user requires for their respective job or task.

For example, one of the users needs to create invoices or email their customers for their respective customer group, you can simply give access to a sales rep in Texas. You also have the option to create a vendor group with whom the user is working.

How To Create A Restricted Role

Before you create a restricted role in QuickBooks, ensure that you are having admin rights for QuickBooks and the customer or vendor groups are already being created.

  1. From the main menu, go to Company and choose Users.
  2. Click on Set up Users and Roles.
  3. Go to the Role List tab and then choose New. You can select Edit if you want to make changes in an existing user’s role.
  4. From the Areas and Activities and then click on Centers.
  5. Now, either select Customer Center or Vendor Center.
  6. Click on Custom and then Define.
  7. Choose the customer/vendor group to assign at a group level.
  8. Click on view, modify, delete, print and view balance access levels as per your need.
  9. Click on OK to save changes.

How To Assign A Restricted Role To A User

According to the roles you have assigned, the user can only see and make transactions and entries for their respective customer or vendor group.

  1. From the main menu, go to Company and choose Users.
  2. Click on Set up Users and Roles.
  3. Go to the Users tab and then choose New or Edit for existing users.
  4. Provide the Username and Password.
  5. Go to Available Roles section, choose the users role and then select Add.
  6. At last, click on OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to assign multiple roles to a user?

Yes, multiple roles to a user can be assigned that allows them to access separate areas of QuickBooks. In case the roles contain multiple access levels, for example one role can create invoices whereas the other can, the user requires full permissions.

Can I open a company file with restricted access roles in a different version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

If the same login credentials are used to log in, you can access the restricted data for the role. If you have the admin access, you only have the access to make changes to the user role in the latest version of QuickBooks.

What happens if I change a role from restricted access to partial or full access in the customer/vendor center?

There will be no restrictions on the access and the user will be allowed to view and modify records for their access level. Entire data level permission will be removed. However, you can still define the groups and insert data level permission whenever required.

Do data level permissions also apply to third-party apps we have connected to QuickBooks Desktop?

No, third-party applications and data will sustain and as per the permissions provided to the user.

Can I edit a group that’s used to define the restricted access role?

Yes, only the admin has access to make modifications to the group when it is used to display a restricted role. Any user having full access to the consumer or vendor center is allowed to edit the group when the group is not used for restricted access.

Can I delete a group that’s used to define the restricted access role?

A group can only be removed by the admin when it is not used for a restricted role. You may have to unlink the user role to delete the group when the group is used for a restricted role.

Technical Assistance For QuickBooks Desktop

The provided information should be helpful for you in creating data level permissions in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. This feature is introduced in the QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 version that’s why most of the users might not be used to it. This may lead to some mistakes or even some errors or issues in QuickBooks. If you are also facing issues while accessing any new feature of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, feel free to get in touch with our support department by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1805-900-6599.

Create Data Level Permissions In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

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