QuickBooks has made payments more secure than ever before. The latest authentications system will require every QB Desktop Payments user to have their specific user IDs and passwords that you can use in QuickBooks for initiating payments. Users without an Intuit ID can create also create one and request access from the Payments admin to access Intuit Payments.

Additionally, the new authentication system also updates the information for all Intuit products you use with your Intuit ID.

Confirm your payment User ID

This section will help you in confirming your Intuit ID that you are using for your Payments service account.

  • You need to click on Yes to confirm if you know the Intuit ID details.
    • You may need to verify your email if the login is not associated with an Intuit ID.
    • If it is connected to an Intuit ID then you just have to sign in with the Intuit ID and password.
  • You need to click on NO if the ID doesn’t belong to you.
    • Verify your email and request access to the Payment services account if the login is not associated with an Intuit ID.
    • If it is connected to an Intuit ID, just sign in using you Intuit ID and password.

Note: You will receive all the Payments transaction details, reports, and chargeback information in this identity.

Verify Email

If the user ID is not registered with Intuit for the payment service account then you don’t have to worry as we will help you in setting up your account. Initially, we will have to verify the email ID which is registered with Intuit.

Note: This is the email ID where you receive Payment transaction details, reports, and chargeback information. You may also choose to skip this and we will remind you later.

Confirm the email

Intuit will send you a One Time PIN (OTP) To confirm if the email ID shown belongs to you. You can also get the OTP on your registered phone number for your account. Once you will the OTP and proceed, you will get the following message:

Email Verified Let’s match your email to your Payments account. If you don’t have one, we’ll set one up.

Request access to Payments services

Congratulations! You have successfully signed in with your Intuit ID. You use this ID for every Intuit product and you need to get Payments access to the Intuit ID to let your payments to work. Click on OK and you will get a request to your admin to grant you permission. The request needs to be approved by the admin.

The requesting user details along with the company file information and Desktop user name is provided in the email for you to review and give permission.

  • Click on Set-up user permissions to get logged in using your Intuit ID and set the permission which is appropriate for you.
  • You will be notified through email about the access

Manage your Account

Once you are logged in successfully, you will be able to manage and modify most of the information for your account according to your role and permission. You can also get manage all the Intuit products by selecting the icon in upper right of your QuickBooks software.

What is an Intuit Identity or Intuit ID or User ID?

A single Intuit ID can be used for all Intuit products and you can access multiple Intuit applications at same time. You can see all your company information, downloaded products and you can also make changes to your stored information. For example:

  • Managing payment methods such as debit card or credit card mode.
  • Account details such as company address, phone number and email.
  • Log in credentials

What’s the benefit of an Intuit account?

An Intuit account allows you to manage your finances in every Intuit products. You can access all your Intuit products including QuickBooks, Turbo Tax and Mint using a single account. Additionally, you can also import your information from one product to another without any complex process.

Will I need to create another Intuit account when I want to use a different Intuit product?

No, you are not required to create a new account every time you sign up for an Intuit product. The account that you’ve created can be used for any other Intuit product.

What if I only use one Intuit product?

An Intuit account can be used with a single or multiple products. You can access your Intuit account through any Intuit product.

Can I choose to have more than one Intuit account?

Yes, you can create multiple Intuit accounts. But the account information for all Intuit products won’t get updated automatically.

How can I protect my Intuit account?

Create a strong password and keep it confidential. You should not share your User ID or password with others. You are recommended to update your password on a regular basis to prevent your account from being hacked.

How do I change my Intuit Account Information or payment information?

You need to update account information such as your address in multiple places. You need to follow the below mentioned steps in order to update account information for QuickBooks product and services.

  • Open the internet browser and go go to quickbooks.com/account.
  • Enter your User ID and password and click on Sign in.
  • From the account information box, click on Edit to make changes in your account.

Note: You can’t change your company name, first name, or last name online. If you want to make modifications in any of these, you must contact support.

  • Under the sign-in box, click on Edit to change the e-mail associated with your sign-in credentials, your User ID, your password, or your security question.

Note: The E-mail address associated with your sign-in Information can be different from the E-mail address associated with your Account Information.

  • You can also update your payment information such as adding credit or debit cards.

How do I recover a forgotten User ID or password?

If you have forget your User ID or password then follow the below mentioned

  • Go to www.quickbooks.com/account.
  • Click on Forgot your Password? or Forgot your User ID?
  • Follow the steps to recover your password or User ID.
  • Try to sign in again.

For further information, you can get in touch with the technical support department of Intuit by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446. You can also contact us if you are facing some issues in your QuickBooks software.


Create And Manage Your Payments User ID

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