QuickBooks required several settings that need to be configured specially for Internet Explorer to work properly with Intuit products and services. Internet Explorer should also be configured properly for the QuickBooks Payments. In case if IE is not configured properly and then you can face some issues such as:

  • Blank page displayed or navigation to web page canceled.
  • Error while connecting or performing web-based connections.
  • QuickBooks Desktop connectivity issues.
  • Data missing or web pages incorrectly loading.
  • Other internet-based connection issues.

This article will help you to Configure Internet Explorer To Work With QuickBooks Payments And Related Applications.  You can also get in touch with our QuickBooks ProAdvisors by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1800-324-6955.

You need to make sure to restart your system if you are having issues while trying to use or access any web-based features. These issues can be faced due to basic connectivity issues and restarting your system will refresh the connection and your issue may get resolved.


  • If you are having any connectivity issues in QuickBooks Desktop and other web-based applications are working properly then it might be possible that a firewall or security software is interrupting the connection to QuickBooks Payments. You need to Configure Firewall Security Settings For QuickBooks Desktop to resolve the issue.
  • It doesn’t matter which browser you have set as a default browser QuickBooks will always use Internet Explorer for all the internet connections.

Operate Internet Explorer In Compatibility View

  • Open the Internet Explorer and click on Gear icon then click on Compatibility View Settings. You can also get this option by going in Tool.
  • On the Compatibility View settings window, mark the Display all websites in compatibility view checkbox and then click on Close.

Change The Internet Explorer Options

  • Run Internet Explorer and click on the Gear icon from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Internet options.

You can change the following options in the Internet Options window:

Add Intuit To The Trusted Sites

  • Navigate to the Security tab and then select Trusted Sites
  • Click on Sites and in the Add this website to the zone field, enter https://*.intuit.com and then click Add.
  • Do the same for https://*.quickbooks.com as well.
  • Click on Close to close the Trusted sites
  • Click on Custom level… then go to Miscellaneous.
  • Click on Enable from the Allow Cross domains requests section and then click on OK.
  • Click on Apply and then OK to close the Internet Options
  • Close and open IE again to save changes.

Pop-up settings

  • Navigate to the Privacy tab and then click on Advanced to open the Advanced Cookie Options
  • Mark the Override Automatic Cookie Handling
  • Make sure that Accept is already selected for First-Party and Third-Party cookies. If not then select it manually.
  • Mark the Always Allow Session Cookies checkbox and then click OK to close this window.
  • If you see any Pop-up Blocker section then make sure that it is unmarked. The security pop-ups are basically used to give you information about the transaction and they should be allowed for the process to work appropriately.
  • Click on OK to save settings. Note: Once you are done wit the payments account access and it is properly added to the pop-up settings then you can modify these settings back to default if required.

Security Settings

  • Open the Security tab and then click on the Internet as the zone to modify.
  • Click on Custom Level to open the Internet Zone dialog box.
  • Go to ActiveX Controls and Plugins section and then enable (or set to Prompt) the following items:
    • Binary and script behaviors
    • Download signed ActiveX controls
    • Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins
    • Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting
  • Click on OK save changes and then close the Security Settings – Trusted Sites Zone

Advanced settings

  • Open the Advanced tab and from the Settings section, go to Security.
  • Unmark the Do not save encrypted pages to disk
  • Click on OK to save changes and close the Internet Options tab.

Enable the TLS 1.2 by going into the Advanced tab and locate TLS 1.2. Mark the Use TLS 1.2 checkbox and then click on Apply and Save.

If Using Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10 OS, Microsoft is replacing the Internet Explorer and moving to Edge. However, IE is still supported in Windows 10 but it’s not coming from Microsoft. QuickBooks still utilizes it as default. If you want to remove the cookies and cache, run Internet Explorer using the following options:

Through The Run box

  • Open the Run Command by pressing the Windows + R
  • Type exe in the search box and hit enter.
  • Once the Internet Explorer runs, clear all the cookies and caches.

Through the Search box

  • Click on the Start
  • Type Internet Explorer in the search option.
  • Select Internet Explorer from the results.
  • Now, clear caches and cookies when the Internet Explorer launches.

Through Edge

  • Open the Microsoft Edge and click on more actions button (Three Dots).
  • Choose Open with Internet Explorer
  • Now, clear caches and cookies when the Internet Explorer launches.

Contact Us For Support

Hopefully, the steps mentioned in this article were helpful for you and you are able to configure internet explorer to work with QuickBooks Payments and related web-based applications. It is not a complex process as it seems but you can face some complexities if you don’t set up IE properly for QuickBooks Desktop. In case if you face any issue during the process then you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-324-6955 and get instant technical support for all your QuickBooks errors and issues.

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Configure Internet Explorer To Work With QuickBooks Payments And Related Applications

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