Without any doubt QuickBooks accounting software is one of the leading software used in different kinds of business, With the help of their functionality and customers services they are serving their every customer whether the customer is doing small business or large. QuickBooks software does have all the features, but comparing it with Sage software will be more difficult, so for understanding several differences between both these accounting software you have to check the following points. Using this comparison you will be able to find the differences between QuickBooks and Sage accounting software.

Features Comparison of Sage and QuickBooks Software

Both these accounting software serving many of the businessmen today, the features provided by them are not so much different. But there are some features available on the basis of which we can compare both of them easily, check the features provided by both the software and their comparison:

Comparison of payment process:

The payment process provided by both the software is much similar but there are a few differences also present in between them QuickBooks Payment process is much easier as compared to Sage, but similarly the payment process provided by Sage is much secure and didn’t take too much time.

Comparison of Customer Services:

Customer services provided by both the software are much different from each other. Sage will provide you all their customer services when you do contact them for any particular issue. But in the case of QuickBooks you can use their customer services whenever you want from their calling features.

Invoice Services:

QuickBooks gives you probably the best invoice and billing services as they allow their customers to use their different support systems, also this software allow their customers to check and get the invoice and billing services whenever they want. In the case of Sage software it is slightly different from the QuickBooks invoice and billing service.

Security Comparison of Sage and QuickBooks:

After understanding the given comparisons in their features, here comes the most important feature that both Sage and QuickBooks contain in their services. Sage has much reliable security system because of their advanced security components, while QuickBooks is also much secure.

Installing Process of Sage and QuickBooks:

QuickBooks provides you the best installing process today, so it can be considered as the top accounting software made for business, while Sage has slow installation process as compared to the QuickBooks accounting software.

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