QuickBooks is a high-tech accounting solution software that requires a license number and product number to get activated on a particular system. Verifying your license number and product number is important as QuickBooks won’t get activated until you don’t verify your license and product number. You can also change the QuickBooks License and Product Number without even reinstalling the QuickBooks. This article will help you to change the QuickBooks License and Product Number easily.

If you are not sure about changing the license number and product number then you can also get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1800-324-6955 and get support for your issues.

How To Change The QuickBooks License Number Only?

Note: These steps are only for Windows users. To get steps to change QuickBooks License Number on MAC OS then you can connect with us at QuickBooks Support department.

  • Run QuickBooks and from the Help menu, select Manage My License.
  • Click on My License Number and type your new license number
  • Select Next and then Finish.
  • Restart your computer.

Note: Restarting your system is required as the changes needs to be saved properly. Because QuickBooks will send incorrect product information to the Intuit server while trying to access any of your company file. If you are using QuickBooks in multi-user mode then you may encounter an error message that says: “You’ve exceeded the maximum number of users who can access the company file at one time.”

How To Change The License Number And Product Code?

You require the qbregistration.dat file to change the License number and the Product number. You are not required to reinstall QuickBooks software for this process as editing the qbregistration.dat file can work for you. The qbregistration.dat file can be edited by two following methods:

Open The File Through QuickBooks

  • Run QuickBooks and from being on the home screen, press the F2 key to open the Product Information window.
  • From the Product Information window, press the F3 key option the Tech Help window.
  • Select QBREGISTRATION.DAT file from the Open File tab and then click on the Open The file will open in notepad.
  • Now, create a backup of the qbregistration.dat file because your QuickBooks won’t open if any issue happen in the file while editing it.
  • Go to the notepad file and from there go to File > Save As.
  • Select the location for the file and click on File and close the file.
  • Go to Tech File again and open the log file.
  • You can close QuickBooks but keep qbregistration.dat file open in the notepad.

Open The File Through Windows Explorer

  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys and navigate to the folder C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks for opening the QB company files.
  • Right-click on the qbregistration.dat file and take your cursor to Open With.
  • Select Notepad from the list.
  • Create a backup of your qbregistration.dat file because your QuickBooks won’t open if any issue happen in the file while editing it.
  • Close your QuickBooks and all its related processes using Task Manager.

Edit The qbregistration.dat File

All the data regarding your product information and license number is stored in the qbregistration.dat file. This section can be helpful for you in knowing more about the file.

  • VERSION number=”29.0” (2019), “28.0” (2018), or “27.0” (2017)
  • FLAVOR name=”QuickBooks Pro=pro, QuickBooks Premier (not Accountant Edition) = superpro, QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition=accountant, Enterprise Solutions = bel, Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition=belacct.”

How To Edit The qbregistration.dat File?

You must know the version of QuickBooks installed on your system before changing the license number or product number.

  • Locate and go to the InstallID and substitute it with the correct product code. The format of the code should be accurate. Use this as a template and do not remove any of the brackets – XXX-XXX.
  • Replace the old license number with the new one. The license number should be in the format of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
  • Open Notepad file and Save it.
  • Restart your system to save changes.
  • Now, open the Product Information window by pressing the F2 key in QuickBooks.
  • Check if the license number and product number are replaced or not.

If you still see the older one then restart your system again. If they are still the same, try to uninstall and then reinstall the QuickBooks software as reinstalling QuickBooks software will ask you to enter license number and product number. You can also call the Intuit QuickBooks Support department.

How To Change License Number And Product Code For Mac Users?

  • Run QuickBooks and from the main menu, select Manage My License
  • Select the Deauthorize This Computer
  • Restart QuickBooks and follow the on-screen prompts to enter the license and product number.

You can also see how to transfer QuickBooks license.

Technical Support For QuickBooks License Errors

The steps provided in this article should help you in changing the product number and license number. It is not a complex process but sometimes you may face some technical issues as well such as the QuickBooks Error 3371. You can face number of issues while changing the product number or license number and any issue can restrict you from activating the QuickBooks software on your system. In situations, you can easily connect with our ProAdvisors by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1800-324-6955 and get an instant resolution for your QuickBooks issues.

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How To Change QuickBooks License And Product Number: [Complete Guide]

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