If you are running a business then printing becomes an important part of it because for a user, it is important to print reports, invoices, bills etc. on a regular basis. QuickBooks comes with the feature of printing your records direct from the program that saves your time and energy. But due to some reasons, there can be some instances where you Can’t Print From QuickBooks.

Well, if you facing the same issue and looking for the resolution of the same, then you have landed on the right page because in this article, we will be discussing about all the possible solutions of this printing issue from QuickBooks.

Resolution Of Can’t Print From QuickBooks Issue

Before going to the solutions, make sure that you are using the latest version of QuickBooks. Also make sure that the printer is properly connected to the computer. But if you want a quick resolution, call the experts for support.

Check If Printing Can Be Done Outside QuickBooks

  • Turn off the printer
  • Restart your computer
  • Turn on the printer again
  • Make sure that printer is properly connected with the system
  • Click on the Start menu and go to the Control Panel
  • Select the Printers and Faxes option
  • If the first printer is showing offline, then right click on it and select Use Printer Online
  • Double click on the printer and click on Cancel All Documents
  • Now close the window and again right click on the printer
  • Click on Properties from the drop down list
  • Now click on the Print Test Page
  • If the printer successfully prints the test page then try to print a page from WordPad
  • Open the WordPad and type something on it.
  • Click on the File menu and then select the Print option
  • Select the printer and give the print command
  • Make sure that there is error while printing
  • If you get an error and go to the manufacturer’s document and see the notes on the following:
    • Error message from printer
    • Unable to print the test page
    • Doesn’t Print from WordPad

You Can Also Try The Following

  • Rename the qbprint.qbp file and try to print again
  • If the issue still persists then, try to print a file with similar format. This will give you a clear idea that whether the issue is with that particular file or the software. If the similar file is successfully printed then try to print the QuickBooks file that you were trying before.
  • If the issue still persists then try to print the document in single or smaller batches
  • Also ensure that you are using the latest version of printer driver.

Go to the nest solution if you still facing the same issue

Ensure That The Printer Name On The Hardware Matches The Driver Info

  • Make sure that you have the exact name of the printer hardware in the Setup list.
  • Select File > Printer Setup
  • Check the name of the printer. If the name is incorrect then set up the right name in your system’s Printer Setup.

Printer Is On Network Or Local Setting

  • Verify the settings of the network appropriately if it is on a Network
  • There can be some issues with the computer if it is on local setting. Therefore, validate the connection between the printer and the computer.

Support For Printing Issues

If the above mentioned steps didn’t work for you and you are still getting the error, you can call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll free.


Can’t Print From QuickBooks: 5 Ways On How To Make It Work

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