Creating a backup of your QuickBooks company file on a regular basis is highly recommended by Intuit. It keeps your data away from any kind of threat or data loss. You can also set scheduled backups of your company file as well. However, you may face several issues while backing up your QuickBooks company file. Creating manual backups can be a bit tricky sometimes.

This article will help you to fix backup company file issues in QuickBooks Desktop. You need to perform each step in the same way as provided in this article to get the best result.

You can also create a backup of QuickBooks company file by using some other tools such as the Intuit Data Protect Tool.

You can know more about the IDP tool at How to Create a Backup using Intuit Data Protect (IDP).

Are you looking to restore your backup QuickBooks company file but getting error messages regarding your password or assisted payroll data, there’s nothing to worry about. You need to read this full article to get the issue resolved.

Reset Your Password

If you get the error message, “Your data has Not been restored if you failed to enter the correct admin password”?

You need to use the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool to reset or retrieve your QuickBooks Password. You can know more about changing QuickBooks password at How to change QuickBooks password.

Once you are done with changing your password, you need to restore your backup file again.

If the restore failed by any chance, you need to visit Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed, When You Try To Restore a Backup.

Restore missing payroll data

Do you see this message:

“This QuickBooks file may be missing some of the payroll data that you have already sent to the Payroll Service. Before creating any new transactions, you need to restore the missing data by clicking Send Payroll Data from the Employees menu and then clicking the Send button”?

  • From the main menu, go to Employee > Send Payroll Data.
  • Review the Items to send field. If you see 0 paychecks for $0.00, click on Send.

If you see any transaction(s), don’t click on Send now. You are required to create duplicate transactions on accident. In case you could not resolve the error with the provided solutions, you need to get connected with the QuickBooks Data Services team. For this, you need to dial the toll-free support number +1-866-701-7446 for instant help.

Fix Backup Company File Issues In QuickBooks Desktop

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