This article will help you in resolving the sales tax recorded incorrectly in QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise. QuickBooks comes with some tools that identify payments that show up as sales tax payments however those payments are not recorded with the pay sales tax function. This generally happens when one of your clients uses a normal check to pay sales tax. You have the option to change all or few of the payments to check your sales tax in one go.

Once you receive the list, you can:

  • Double-click on any of the available transactions.
  • Put a checkmark on any checkbox of the transaction line to choose a transaction.
  • Choose all transactions by simply clicking on Select All
  • Remove the checkmark from the transactions by clicking on Deselect All.

When the required transactions are selected, click on Void & Replace to void the check and create a sales tax check.

Following things happens while doing the process:

  • The regular check is voided and a Sales Tax Payable check replaces it.
  • Reconciliation status of current check, check number, date and amount will be retained.
  • Both checks will have a memo entered.

In case you wish to make sales tax adjustment manually, the link Sales Tax Adjustment opens the Sales Tax Adjustment window directly.

In case you need any help or you are in any kind of doubt, get connected with our technical assistance team by dialing the toll-free +1805-900-6410 for instant help and assistance.

Accountant Tools: Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax

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